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Current Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
LBV 0957 ?-No Photo1/1
LBG 2833-LUB 28LT ??-No Photo4/4
LUB 0661C-LUC 349P ??-No Photo5/5
LU 2623R-LU 4258R ??-No Photo3/3
LBC 1770 ?-No Photo1/1
L3 7552-LUB 80EM ?-No Photo14/14
LBD 7463 ?-No Photo1/1
LU 0615H-LU 6293C ?-No Photo2/2
LU 3286R-LU 94496 ?-No Photo2/2
LU 0278J-LU 366SF ?-No Photo4/4
LUB 01847 ?-No Photo1/1
LUB 20604 ?-No Photo1/1
LU 8041A ?-No Photo1/1
LBH 4893 ?-No Photo1/1
LBF 8903-LUB 686H ??-No Photo4/4
LU 9062F ?-No Photo1/1
Unknown ??-No Photo2/2
LUC 2738 ?-No Photo1/1
LBA 3142-LU 73167 ?-No Photo4/4
LU 043CF-LUB 60488 ?-No Photo13/13
Unknown ??-No Photo1/1
LU 1949R-LUB 29781 ?-No Photo7/7
LUB 68HW ?-No Photo1/1
LU 016AH-LU 578CT ??-No Photo4/4
LLU 27740-LU 5194J ??-No Photo5/5
LBN 3653 ?-No Photo1/1
Unknown ??-No Photo1/1
LU 01793 ?-No Photo1/1
LU 99005 ?-No Photo1/1
LU 1328H-LUB 86FL ?-No Photo6/6
LU 93374-LU 93874 ?-No Photo2/2
LUB 21096 ?-No Photo1/1
LU 032CS-LUB 36155 ?-No Photo7/7
LU 458FK-LU 5932S ?-No Photo2/2
Unknown ??-No Photo1/1
Unknown ??-No Photo1/1
LUB 10848 ?-No Photo1/1
Unknown ??-No Photo1/1
LU 34219 ?-No Photo1/1
LUB L388 ?-No Photo1/1
LU 184FR-LU 4876N ?-No Photo2/2
LU 50519 ?-No Photo1/1
LUB 63RG ?-No Photo1/1
LU 8777P-LU 970EC ?-No Photo2/2
LU 671EC ?-No Photo1/1
LU 605GT ?-No Photo1/1
LU 011CX-LU 539EW ?-No Photo3/3
LUB 45656 ?-No Photo1/1
DKA 58MM-LUB 39023 ?-No Photo2/2
LU 28603 1988-No Photo1/1
LU 0092N-LUB 8664H ?-No Photo2/2
LU 660EL ?-No Photo1/1
LUB 32095 ?-No Photo1/1
LUB 32893 ?-No Photo1/1

Historic Fleet