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Transport Osobowo-Towarowy "Janpol", Jan Pięta

Operators Details

NameTransport Osobowo-Towarowy "Janpol", Jan Pięta
AddressPL 33 -130 Radłów, ul. Woleńska 15
WWW Pagehttp://janpolautobusy.pl/
Phone+48 663 635 879
Operators Attributes
Other InformationDane do faktury:
Transport Osobowo Towarowy Janpol
Jan Pięta
Wola Radłowska 347
33-133 Wał Ruda

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Current Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
KTA 76138 Mercedes-Benz O345ÜMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O345 ConectoMercedes-Benz 671Mercedes-Benz OM 447 hLA II/22017-No Photo1/1
KTT 62MG Mercedes-Benz 814 DMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz T2 Mk IIMercedes-Benz 8xx2018-No Photo1/1
KTA 1MV7-WR 9456H Autosan H9-21AutosanAutosan H9Autosan H9Andoria 6CT107FPS Tczew S5-451980-
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KTA 2XH8 Renault FN60E5 / Trouillet CastillaTrouilletTrouillet CastillaRenault Master I2008-No Photo1/1
KTA 01707-KTA 77P3 Renault S53RRenaultRenault S45/53/105Renault S45/53/1051984-
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KTA 64730 Renault FR1RenaultRenault FR12016-No Photo1/1
KTA 19747 MAN ÜL292MANMAN ÜLxx2MAN ÜLxx2 (893)MAN D2866TUH/001ZF S6-902011-No Photo1/1
KTA 06997-KTA 8835A Renault S53RenaultRenault S45/53/105Renault S45/53/1051988-
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KTA 77J9-NIL 01897 Renault S45RenaultRenault S45/53/105Renault S45/53/105?-No Photo2/2
AJ-703-JW Iveco Eurocargo 150E23 / Vehixel ScolabusVehixelVehixel ScolabusIveco Euromidi 1502016-No Photo1/1
PK 78732 Mercedes-Benz VarioMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Vario2010-No Photo1/1
CIN 4489A-WZU 66WR Setra S215 ULSetraSetra S21x UL?-No Photo5/28
KTA 24581-TSA 1440C Renault TracerRenaultRenault TracerRenault MIHR 06.20.45 L6?-No Photo2/6
CSW 81JR-KNS 79907 MAN ÜL313MANMAN ÜLxx3MAN ÜLxx3 (A01)MAN D2866LUH202015-No Photo1/2
KTA 58709-АТ 2455 АА Setra S215 ULSetraSetra S21x ULMercedes-Benz OM447hAZF S6-902008-No Photo1/3
KTA 21644 Bova Futura FHD 12-370BovaBova Futura FHDAF WS 268MZF 6S-16002012-No Photo1/1
PGS 01224-WPN JP98 Setra S215 ULSetraSetra S21x ULMAN D2865LUH05ZF S6-90?-No Photo1/2
KTA 66892 Mercedes-Benz 814 D / Indcar MagoIndcarIndcar MagoMercedes-Benz 8xx2016-No Photo1/1
RDE LT43 Heuliez GX27HeuliezHeuliez GX27/GX37H/PR8C2015-No Photo1/1
KTA 06596-KTA 92342 Renault Iliade RTRenaultRenault IliadeRenault SFR112Renault MIDR 06.20.45 R412010-No Photo2/2
KTA 16478 Peugeot Boxer / Durisotti TwentyDurisottiDurisotti TwentyPeugeot Boxer I2001-No Photo1/1
KTA 71999-KTA 80710 Irisbus Iliade RTIrisbusRenault IliadeIrisbus SFR1152015-No Photo3/3
KTA 93568 Iveco Daily 65C17 / Indcar WingIndcarIndcar WingIveco Daily 652018-No Photo1/1
KTA 93597 Irisbus Iliade RTXIrisbusRenault IliadeIrisbus SFR1152018-No Photo1/1
KTA 62659-KTA 89235 Karosa C935.1034KarosaKarosa B93x/B95x/C93x/C95xRenault MIHR 06.20.45 A41/C412014-No Photo1/3
LZA 25703-SO 7711R Renault FR1 TERenaultRenault FR1Renault SFR112Renault MIHR 06.20.45 L62015-No Photo1/2
KTA 8174A Iveco TurboDaily 45-12 / EA KFB Sunny Boy CityEA KFBEA KFB Sunny Boy CityIveco Daily 452010-No Photo1/1
EP 06780 Autosan A0909LAutosanAutosan H9?-No Photo1/1
KTA 48907 Iveco 100E18 / Cacciamali TemaCacciamaliCacciamali Tema II2014-
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KTA 71014 Mercedes-Benz 814 D / Plaxton Beaver 2PlaxtonPlaxton BeaverMercedes-Benz 8xx2016-No Photo1/1
KTA 62663 Iveco TurboDaily 59-12IvecoIveco Daily (2)Iveco Daily 592016-No Photo1/1
KTA 49760 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk I1999-No Photo1/1
KTA 51117 Peugeot BoxerPeugeotPeugeot Boxer1998-No Photo1/1
SCI 51538 Ponticelli LR210P / Fast Scoler ICarrierFast Scoler IPonticelli LRRenault MIDR 06.02.262019-No Photo1/1
EBR 50LJ-KTA 70939 Van Hool T815CLVan HoolVan Hool T8 CL2014-No Photo1/2
KTA 0795C Irisbus Axer 12.8MIrisbusKarosa B93x/B95x/C93x/C95xIveco Cursor 8 F2BE1682G2018-No Photo1/1
ELE 7E95-KRA 39434 Mercedes-Benz 616 DMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz VarioMercedes-Benz 6xx2011-No Photo1/2
KTA 30615 Setra S213 ULSetraSetra S21x ULMAN D2865LUH05ZF S6-902013-No Photo1/1

Historic Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
KTA 03H6 Autosan H9-20.13AutosanAutosan H9Autosan H9Andoria 6C107FPS Tczew S5-4519872010
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ZS 337HJ Mercedes-Benz O407Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O405Mercedes-Benz 357/612 O405Mercedes-Benz OM447hAMercedes-Benz GO4/105-6/7,220102011No Photo0/1
EZG HL20 Renault FR1 GTXRenaultRenault FR1Renault SFR112Renault MIHR 06.20.45 L620082011No Photo0/1
KTA 69178-KTA 92334 Irisbus IliadeIrisbusRenault Iliade20162018No Photo0/2
АЕ 0064 АВ Van Hool T815 CLVan HoolVan Hool T8 CLMAN D2866LUH2020122012No Photo0/1
KTA 75PW Autosan H9-20AutosanAutosan H9Autosan H9Andoria 6CT107FPS Tczew S5-4519852011
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WPU 37951 Setra S315 GTSetraSetra S31x GTMercedes-Benz OM 447 hLA20182018No Photo0/1
WOT 57694 Van Hool T916 AstronVan HoolVan Hool T9 Astron (X)MAN D2676LOH2620192019No Photo0/1
LC 31940 Neoplan N316 SHDNeoplanNeoplan N3xx Transliner II20142014No Photo0/1
KTA 07771 Setra S315 GT-HDSetraSetra S31x GT-HD20112011No Photo0/1
GTC 92XU-SPS 23767 Setra S215 SLSetraSetra S21x SL20062014No Photo0/3
KTA 06991 Renault S53RXRenaultRenault S45/53/105Renault S45/53/10520102018No Photo0/1
KTA 1301C-PKN 83808 Karosa C956.1074KarosaKarosa B93x/B95x/C93x/C95xIveco Cursor 8 F2BE1682G20182018No Photo0/2
EP 14474 Autosan A0909L.02.01AutosanAutosan H9?2019No Photo0/1
SZY 55214 Iveco Daily 50C18IvecoIveco Daily (4)Iveco Daily 5020192019No Photo0/1
KTA 11510-KTA 92073 Renault IliadeRenaultRenault Iliade??No Photo0/5
KTA 22542-KTA 96444 Bova FuturaBovaBova Futura FH??No Photo0/8
LC 68301 Bova Futura FHX 12-400BovaBova Futura FHMAN D2866LOH2320162017
View All
KTA 65756 Bova Futura FHD 12-340BovaBova Futura FHDAF WS 242L2016?No Photo0/1
KTA 18285 Irizar CenturyIrizarIrizar Century??No Photo0/1
KTA 33728 Iveco 380.10 EuroClassOrlandiIveco 380 EuroClassIveco 380/389E.10 (741)??No Photo0/1
CSW SK20 Irisbus MidysIrisbusIkarus EAG F15Irisbus MidiRider 395E.9 (699)Iveco Tector F4AE0682CZF 6S-89020182019No Photo0/1
KBR 7LJ7 Van Hool T917 AstronVan HoolVan Hool T9 Astron (X)20182019No Photo0/1
DSR 49871 Van Hool T915TLVan HoolVan Hool T9 TL (N)20182018No Photo0/1
GPU 2FM2 Volvo 8700 12,7mVolvoVolvo 8700Volvo B7R (R6)Volvo D7C310 (H1)20182018No Photo0/1
KTA 17807 MAN ÜL242MANMAN ÜLxx2MAN ÜLxx2 (893)MAN D2866UH20112019No Photo0/1
KTA 29382 MAN ÜL312MANMAN ÜLxx2MAN ÜLxx2 (893)MAN D2865LUH07ZF S6-8520122018No Photo0/1
KTA 9M03 Mercedes-Benz 409 D / ChardonChardonMercedes-Benz T1Mercedes-Benz T1 4xx20042013No Photo0/1
EBE AL04 MAN 14.280 HOCL / Noge Touring MidiNogeNoge Touring I/IIMAN 14.xxx HOCL (A67)20142015No Photo0/1
EBE SG48 PVI NR215P / Fast Scoler IICarrierFast Scoler II / Starter / SyterPVI NRRenault dCi6ZF 6S-89020172017No Photo0/1
ELE 10A9 Scania K94EB InterClassicAjokkiCarrus VegaScania K94EB20162017No Photo0/1
WSE 8LV1 Setra S315 ULSetraSetra S31x ULMercedes-Benz OM457hLA [457.934]20152016No Photo0/1
NMD-212 Volvo B12 / Irizar Century II 12.35IrizarIrizar Century IIVolvo B12 4x2 (R2)20142015No Photo0/1
EPI LS75 Volkswagen Crafter 50 / IntegraliaIntegraliaVolkswagen CrafterVolkswagen Crafter 5020202020No Photo0/1
DW 8JS30 Bova Futura FHD 13-380XEBovaBova Futura FHDAF XE 280C120192020No Photo0/1
Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
KTA 83760-KTA 95446 Miscellaneous vehiclesMiscellaneousMiscellaneous vehicles??No Photo0/4