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Brescia Trasporti S.p.A.

Operators Details

NameBrescia Trasporti S.p.A.
AddressI-25128 Brescia, Via San Donino 30
WWW Pagehttp://www.bresciatrasporti-spa.it/
Phone+39 030 3061 600
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List Of Vehicles

Current Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
861-883 Iveco Urbanway 12 NPIvecoIveco UrbanwayIveco Urbanway 12Iveco Cursor 8 NP2018-No Photo21/21
635-673 Irisbus 491E.12.27 CityClass CNGIrisbusIveco 491E/591E CityClassIveco 491E.12 CityClassIveco Cursor 8 F2BE0642AVoith D854.3E?-
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601-634 Iveco 491E.12.24 CityClass CNGIvecoIveco 491E/591E CityClassIveco 491E.12 CityClass?-
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674-689 Irisbus Citelis 12M CNGIrisbusIrisbus CitelisIrisbus Citelis 12 (PS0)?-
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700-719 Irisbus Citelis 18M CNGIrisbusIrisbus CitelisIrisbus Citelis 18 (PU0)Iveco Cursor 8 F2BE0642CVoith D854.5?-No Photo20/20
163,164 BredaMenarinibus Vivacity+ C CNGBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus Avancity+ / Vivacity+BredaMenarinibus M231Mercedes-Benz M906LAG [906.901]ZF 5HP5042011-No Photo2/2
530,531 Irisbus 491E.10.29 CityClassIvecoIveco 491E/591E CityClassIveco 491E.10 CityClassIveco Cursor 8 F2BE0682CVoith D854.32015-No Photo2/2
275,276 MAN NG313 Lion`s City G CNGMANMAN Lion`s CityMAN NGxx3 (A23/A24)2017-No Photo2/2
593,594 Van Hool A308Van HoolVan Hool newA3x0/600Van Hool A3082018-No Photo3/3
159,160 BredaMenarinibus M231CU CNGBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus M231/240/340BredaMenarinibus M2312004-No Photo2/2
735-738 Scania CN320UB 4x2 EB CNGScaniaScania Citywide LFScania OC09 106 3202015-
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161,162 BredaMenarinibus M231CU Vivacity CNGBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus Avancity / VivacityBredaMenarinibus M2312008-No Photo2/2
731-734 Scania CN280UB 4x2 EB CNGScaniaScania Citywide LFScania OC09 101 2802015-No Photo4/4
781,782 Iveco Urbanway 12M CNGIvecoIveco UrbanwayIveco Cursor 82015-No Photo2/2
130,131 Iveco Daily 65C14 / Cacciamali Urby CNGCacciamaliCacciamali UrbyIveco Daily 652008-
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500-525 Iveco 491E.12.22 CityClassIvecoIveco 491E/591E CityClassIveco 491E.12 CityClassIveco 8360.46BZF 5HP500?-No Photo26/26
801-826 Menarinibus Citymood 12 CNGMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus CitymoodBredaMenarinibus M250Iveco Cursor 8ZF 6 AP 1400 C EcoLife2017-
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273,274 Irisbus Agora 18MIrisbusRenault AgoraRenault L2012-No Photo2/2
102 Irisbus Magelys HD 12.2MIrisbusIrisbus Magelys2012-
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461-465 BredaMenarinibus M240LU CNGBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus M231/240/340BredaMenarinibus M240?-No Photo5/5
Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
111 AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro carAnsaldoBredaAnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro2012-No Photo1/1

Historic Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
151-154 Iveco 200E.8.13 EuropolisCacciamaliCacciamali TCNIveco 200E.8 (4A8)19992008No Photo0/4
183 Iveco 471.12.20 U-EffeunoIvecoIveco 471/571/671 EffeunoIveco 471.12FIAT 8220.12Voith D851.2??No Photo0/1
217-256 Iveco 490.12 TurboCityIvecoIveco 490/590 TurboCity?2019No Photo0/13
260-266 Iveco 480.10IvecoIveco 480/580/680 Turbocity20032016No Photo0/7
9 Solarbus 2077 EMPPortesi20012002No Photo0/1
449-454 Van Hool A300 / De SimonDe SimonVan Hool A3x0/500/600/700Van Hool A30019932010No Photo0/6
430 Sicca Siccar 283NU / Inbus U 210 FTNInbusInbus U/F/SSicca Siccar 283NUFIAT 8220.12Voith D851.2??No Photo0/1
433-435 Inbus U210InbusInbus U/F/S??No Photo0/2
269,270 Mercedes-Benz O405GMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O405Mercedes-Benz 357/612 O405G20062016No Photo0/2
271,272 Mercedes-Benz O405GNMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O405NMercedes-Benz O405GN20072012No Photo0/2
457-460 Autodromo BusOtto UL.22AutodromoAutodromo BusOttoMAN NLxx2 (895/898/A10/A15/A29)MAN D0826LUH12Voith D851.319972013No Photo0/4
Unknown ?Autodromo BusOtto SL.22AutodromoAutodromo BusOttoMAN NLxx2 (895/898/A10/A15/A29)MAN D0826LUH121996?No Photo0/1
218 Iveco 490.12.22 TurboCity-UR GreenIvecoIveco 490/590 TurboCityIveco 490.12FIAT 8460.21BVoith D851.21995?No Photo0/1
266,267 Iveco 200E.9.15 EuropolisCacciamaliCacciamali TCNIveco 200E.9 (4A9)2013?No Photo0/3
600 Van Hool A330 CNGVan HoolVan Hool newA3x0/600??No Photo0/1